WhatsApp finally announced the new features after a long time, the WhatsApp new update features the disappearing messages. So far, the feature is currently in alpha stage while WhatsApp working on this feature to bring early to the beta users after that, it will reach stable users. Also, this feature under development so, this feature will not enabled in settings. Similarly, it presently in alpha stage so there is no more information regarding the features. But here we explain how it works when the feature enables in future. 

WhatsApp Disappearing messages

WhatsApp Disappearing fearture will disappear the messages for particular time and automatically deletes that message after the certain period ends. Also, there will be no more track for deleted messages. WhatsApp include this feature in group settings named as “Disappearing Messages” option. 

After, selecting the option Disappearing Messages option it will shown three options, Off, 5 seconds & 1 hour. By selecting the option 1 hour means the message will be disappeared after 1 hour from the chat messages. For instance, after setting the above option just send a message on the particular group chat if you’re set 5 seconds means the sent message will be disappeared after 5 seconds. Also, there will be no more track like “message deleted” in the chat feeds. 
Similarly, so far, the feature option enabled in group info which means the feature will work for WhatsApp groups as per screenshot. But the feature will work for private chat messages too. Currently, the feature in Alpha stage WhatsApp will develop this feature and brings as soon as possible with more additional features in furture. So, stay tuned with us.