In the new WhatsApp beta version V2.19.151 shows that WhatsApp working on QR code & Share to Facebook feature. WhatsApp started testing this new feature after a long time. In recent time we didn’t get any updates, seems to be WhatsApp working on a slow manner.

When WhatsApp QR code & Share to Facebook feature rollout?

Also, the new feature is already announced earlier this year on February month. But still now, the feature in alpha stage for development. WhatsApp working on to deliver the feature without any bugs. So, the feature currently not available in WhatsApp beta V2.19.151 but, it will ready for update to beta & stable users soon.

QR code for WhatsApp

The QR code feature for WhatsApp earlier announced for iOS platform last year but, the feature is still in development mode. Now, the feature also, compatible for Android platforms too. As I already told the feature not available till now. But, once the feature is updated a new QR symbol option will be shown at top-right in profile section.

When you tap that option new QR code of your profile page is displayed. Then, on sharing the QR code is like sharing your WhatsApp mobile number. When anyone scan the QR code can able to contact & chat with you. Also, for personal security & privacy WhatsApp implement revoke QR code at anytime option. So, by this feature can stop the existing QR code by creating new one.

And this feature will be very useful for business running users to share their contact to customers. What you guys think? About this feature, if this useful for everyone or having any privacy issue. Let me know your thoughts in comments below,

Share to Facebook

This feature also, announced earlier that WhatsApp implement Share to Facebook feature. Which allow to share WhatsApp status to Facebook story right from WhatsApp messenger. The sharing feature is not automatic you need to manually do this in WhatsApp.

If you already installed Facebook app in your smartphone. WhatsApp add a new option Add to Facebook story in WhatsApp status page. By clicking on this, your WhatsApp status like images, videos, GIFs, link & text to Facebook story.


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