WhatsApp names Auto Delete Message Feature as “Expiring Messages”

WhatsApp names Auto Delete Message Feature as “Expiring Messages”
The WhatsApp delete message feature is earlier announced in my recent article of WhatsApp. Now the upcoming automatic delete of chat messages on both sides named by WhatsApp as Expiring Messages. The new upcoming feature of WhatsApp Expiring Messages will be available in Group settings and it visible only for administrators. Likewise, the Expiring messages feature will be featured on both individual & Groups. WhatsApp finally concludes this feature name after, Disappearing messages, Revoke Messages & Delete message for everyone in the development stage.

WhatsApp Expiring Messages Feature

The WhatsApp Expiring messages will be feature to visible only for group admins and the expiring messages comes with a option of OFF & ON. After turning ON the feature you’ll be get four options Off, 1 day, 1 Week, & 1 Day. On these respective settings the expiring message feature will works and based on that it will automattically delete the messages after that certain period for all participants in the groups & chats. 

Similarly, once the expiring messages feature enabled on any chat or groups that specific profile icon of the chat or group will show an indicator to all participants in the WhatsApp groups. So, if the indicator showed means, the messages sending via that group will be disappeared after a certain period like 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. The WhatsApp Expiring messages feature currently in the beta stage and it will be soon available to all users once the feature is became stable. Meanwhile, let me know in the comments below, in what way this feature will helpful for you and for mine I have no idea. 
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