WhatsApp new upcoming feature will let you find the frequently forwarded messages is whether a fake or indeed news. For this WhatsApp brings a new feature related to the frequently forwarded messages so-called “Search Messages on Web“. Earlier, WhatsApp announced the frequently forwarded messages tag to the most forwarded messages to control the fake news circulating through WhatsApp chats. 

Search Messages On Web

WhatsApp new feature Search Messages on Web is allowed you search the message received content into the Google search. To do this, WhatsApp brings the new search icon aside the forwarded text messages. 

After clicking the search icon, WhatsApp will ask if you want to upload the message content to Google. Once you click on the Search Web option WhatsApp send that message content to Google search. 
Lastly, you’ll see the Google search results for the WhatsApp message you received. So, by using this feature you can now finalize the message is fake or indeed via a Google search results. Like, if you received news as search results that related to WhatsApp message chat means it indeed otherwise its an fake message. Also, you’ll be able to find the messages content source in the Google Search results. Similarly, to note that WhatsApp doesn’t copy the messages into your clipboard and paste in Google search bar instead it used another method to directly share the frequently forwarded WhatsApp chat messages to Google search to find the search results. 
The WhatsApp Search Messages on Web feature is finally available to everyone and it rolls out started already and it will soon reach all users asap. Meanwhile, Whats you guys think about this feature let me know in the comments below.