WhatsApp new update rolled out all users to control the fake news circulating around WhatsApp Chats. After this new update from WhatsApp, hereafter users can’t able to forward many times forwarded chat messages to more than one person or groups at one time. WhatsApp connecting through millions of people today and to protect the misinformation spreading among peoples, WhatsApp initiated this feature suddenly and it already got rolled out to maximum users through an instant update for all users including stable & beta versions. Also, this new update rolled out to all operating system WhastApp messengers including WhatsApp Business Application.

WhatsApp Many times Forwarded Messages

WhatsApp last year brings the new feature on forwarding chat messages so-called WhatsApp Forwarded Tag. When a user forward any message from one user to another that message marked as forwarded. Similarly, WhatsApp set the limit on forwarding chat messages to 5 users at one time. Later on, WhatsApp Forwarded messages received another update with Many Times Forwarded Messages. Here WhatsApp brings the new impression on forwarded tags, that is single time forward messages come with single arrow & a message forwarded more that Five Times becomes a Many Times Forwarded tag which come with Double Arrows on chat messages.


Single & Double Arrow Forwarded Messages

Whats’s the New Instant Update?

WhatsApp new update is on Many times forwarded messages, here after if any user receives double arrows tagged forwarded messages means, that message can’t be forwarded to more than 1 users at one time. But you can still forward that message to other users by forwarding one by one. Similarly, normal forwarded messages (Single Arrow on Forwarded Tag) will be allowed to forward up to 5 users at one time. Also, to be note that single arrow forwarded tag messages will be turns into double arrow tagged when the same message forwarded more that Five times

As already said, this new update is already rolled out to many users and it will reach you soon. Then What you guys think about the new feature in WhatsApp let me know in the comments below,