WhatsApp has submitted a new beta update through Google Play store. The new beta version V2.19.156 has brings more new features. All features are minor changes of updates which helps users for better privacy & user experience. WhatsApp update feature developed improvements in Albums, removed save to gallery option for profile picture saving, changed opus audio format to M4A audio format, changes in status page and some general improvements.

Improvements in Albums

Generally, WhatsApp collage photos in chat section on sending multiple photos to anyone for both sender and receiver side. Now, the improvement is WhatsApp has improved the layout of Albums.

In addition, WhatsApp give the details like total content memory and how many photos available inside the collage. But, WhatsApp update this improvement only in receiver side so, in sender person chat no details will be found. Also, this update rolls out in both WhatsApp messenger & WhatsApp Business application.

Profile Picture saving option removed

WhatsApp has feature to save WhatsApp profile picture of any person in your contacts. In earlier version on profile photo page there will be a share symbol at top right corner. Under, sharing save to gallery option will save the profile picture. But now, WhatsApp removed the share symbol from the profile photo. So, there will be no more official option to save profile picture of some one’s WhatsApp account.

But, WhatsApp has still enabled this feature for WhatsApp groups profile picture photo. So, profile picture in all WhatsApp groups can be saved without any hurdles. Still, we don’t know why WhatsApp removed this option, may be WhatsApp have implemented this for user privacy & security. But, the big joke is profile picture can be saved easily using screenshot feature in smartphones.

Audio Format changed on WhatsApp iOS

The audio format available in WhatsApp by default called opus. But this format not supported in some application in iOS. Also, the voice recording audio quality is not far. So by considering this issue WhatsApp changed the audio recording format from opus to M4A (AAC codec).

General Improvements

  • Improvements in streaming videos which not downloaded by you.
  • If user wants to delete WhatsApp account a prompt will appear which recommends change the phone number instead. WhatsApp implemented this improvement because most of the users having new number delete the current account to create new one. Actually, they are not aware about using change number feature.
  • Improvements in voice over
  • Improvements to receive messages notification.
  • WhatsApp improving search bar.
  • VoIP calls improvements.
  • WhatsApp moved the payments option in to 3 dots main menu. So, by this users can access the WhatsApp payments section from the main menu.  
  • Then, updated some translations and strings like “User is recording” to “User is recording audio”.
  • Now, WhatsApp changes status page section which shows the number of views right in front itself.


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