WhatsApp recently submitted a new beta version through google beta program and updated the application to version 2.18.374, after the update of Ranking feature for iPhone users now they come with the new updates for android that has been developing a month earlier. The new updates feature Multi share, Group call shortcut, Search option for stickers.

Multi Share

When you share any content to WhatsApp from other application, you’ll be shown a preview of that content before sending the messages and it will work when you share the content for at least two recipients. WhatsApp also previewing the content what your sharing before sending the recipients.

Group Call Shortcut

Earlier WhatsApp introduced a group video and audio calling feature for users but to make call more than one person you need to call the first person and after that you’ll get an option for another call as like conference call.

Now WhatsApp insert a new call shortcut button in the groups that allows you to call the participants in the group at the same time and the maximum calling is limited to 3 participants. WhatsApp also in development to improve this group calling features for better user experience.

Sticker Search Feature

A month before WhatsApp updated the stickers feature as like other messengers’ hike, telegram in that feature they added a search option for stickers as like emoji and gif. Now you can search the stickers with related sticker keywords and WhatsApp is still under development in the sticker feature since recently apple removed all application related to WhatsApp stickers from their app store due to the applications are violating the terms.

In android also, many applications are circulating related WhatsApp stickers but messengers like telegram, hike using the stickers features inbuilt with the application and WhatsApp working on these for future updates.

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