After the long time WhatsApp submitted a new update through Google Beta program and bringing up the beta version to Android 2.19.3 and founded that WhatsApp is working on default Authentication feature in WhatsApp through Finger print sensor and New Audio UI feature. Both features are still not available for regular users and it’s still in Alpha stage WhatsApp working on for further improvements in that, now let’s find out the features in detail,

WhatsApp Authentication feature has been enabled through user control in the page of Settings > Chat > Privacy. Where the user needs to enable the option Fingerprint under the authentication label. Once enabled WhatsApp authentication is linked with the device security credentials. And therefore, when each time opening the applications user need to authenticate using finger print or device default password and this feature will work for Android version Marshmallow and newer.

Using this default feature here after no need for separate app lock application for locking the WhatsApp messenger. Also, the feature work going on for iOS through Finger print & Face ID.

WhatsApp New Audio UI page will show the all your Audio files which includes all your recordings and, in that page, you can preview the audio file before sending to recipient. This feature also, under development and it will be updated in the upcoming version.

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