WhatsApp focusing continuously start from this year in updates in beta versions like Authentication feature and stickers integration in Gboard keyboard like that WhatsApp added the new handy feature in Android beta by bringing up the version to 2.19.18 through Google Beta program. Let’s take a quick look below about the feature.

Image Menu Features

The new ‘Show in Chat’ shortcut option added in the image menu and using that option it’s quickly shows the image directly in located chat area. For example, when you’re viewing the media of a group and while opening the image and in the image menu select the option Show in Chat then this will take to the image directly that received in the chat. These options will show for all media like photos and videos.

WhatsApp Media Menu Option

Also, in the image menu options WhatsApp organized the menu options by grouping the options like set as my profile photo, set as group icon, and use as wallpaper to ‘Set as…’ option. And inside this option three settings are grouped. Then WhatsApp combined the Rotate Left & Rotate Right option to Rotate. On selecting these settings each time image will rotate in clock wise direction.

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Sticker Integration

Earlier WhatsApp started working with Google keyboard to implement the sticker integration feature in Gboard keyboard. And off course Gboard keyboard has stickers panel and has different categories of stickers within the keyboard application and also able to add more stickers via play store. Gboard currently enabled this feature in the beta version and later on this feature is implemented as stable version. During the feature not enabled the stickers are sent like images and after the feature is enabled it will be sent as real stickers. After the so much sticker application now, WhatsApp decided to work with more keyboards to use sticker integration.