WhatsApp recently opened the official public iOS beta program in that they started testing for new features and enabled that feature for iOS beta users and Android users it will be roll out in future. For iOS this feature is available for users having the version beta to be installed.

Ranking Feature

Ranking feature means ranks all your contacts in order as per your activities with the contacts. This feature is enabled by default by WhatsApp and there is no specific option that user to enable it to rank the contacts and WhatsApp implemented this feature by following statement through algorithm.

  1. How much time you chatting with the user based on that ranking is made like, if you normally send & receive messages means Normal Ranking.
  2. If you send & receive messages with media content & making a WhatsApp call means Good Ranking.
  3. If you don’t chat with specific contact and didn’t receive any messages means Bad Ranking.
  4. If you and your contact are in same group chatting in group like replying or mention each other.
  5. As like chats in status section they rank based on your viewing or ignoring a status of specific contact.

WhatsApp takes two or three days to analyse your activities and then they rank your chats & group in order based on the algorithms in the chat section, and like that in status section based on your view’s status update ordered chronologically in the list.

This ranking feature works locally and all the data based on ranking is saved on phone memory only and no data is sent to server and ranking data never sent to WhatsApp or Facebook also, if you reinstall WhatsApp and don’t have backup then WhatsApp will start to rank again from the first.