After the update of PIP mode in WhatsApp Messenger they submitted a new beta version this month through Google Play Store and updated the application version to 2.18.316, and working on 3 most wished features by a user for a month. WhatsApp developing these features and it’s got roll out in couple of months, WhatsApp developing on Vacation mode, silent mode & Linked account features. Also, WhatsApp silently developing a notification extensions support to see Media preview in the notification bar itself, these features is added in Android, iOS and Windows-based smartphones.

WhatsApp Vacation Mode

Currently when you archive any personal or group chat it will be hidden and separated from other chats but when you’ll receive a new message to that particular chat or group, WhatsApp automatically unarchive it again, to overcome this issue WhatsApp coming up with an interesting feature Vacation Mode.

Once the Vacation mode is enabled in the notification settings then the user archive chat never unarchives even when new messages received in that chat or group. The archive chat not be able to unarchive until you manually select unarchive or unmute.

This feature helps the user if he not wishes to read the specific chats or group messages without blocking chat or exit from the group. By using this feature messages will be received for archived chats or groups without disturbing or notifying the user, also user can see the specific archived chat messages at any time. This feature is under development and it’s added to all WhatsApp supported operating systems in future.

Silent Mode Feature

The smartphones with Android Oreo and higher version in some device’s launchers are having the support of app badge, that shows the number message received in the application icon itself these app badge shows the received messages for muted chat.

So sometimes user believe and open the WhatsApp application but messages will be received in muted or archive chat, this feature will help in hide the app badge in the launcher for muted chats and groups. This feature has enabled by default in WhatsApp that mean there is no physical options in settings to enable or disable.

WhatsApp Linked Accounts

WhatsApp working this feature for mainly WhatsApp business but WhatsApp Messenger also will get this feature, WhatsApp enable an option of linking a external service with WhatsApp account. Initially they started with Instagram service to link with WhatsApp account in WhatsApp business application, this will help for business users to promote and share their business easily by posting at one service it will updated in linked service too, you can manage this setting in business account settings in WhatsApp business application.

Since WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram belongs to same parent company, so soon we can except Facebook also linked with WhatsApp account and sharing the messages from one platform to another platform will became easier, but at the same time how the manage the privacy is the big question in linked account feature, let’s see when the feature rolls out.

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