Wings ARC is a neckband type Bluetooth earphone from the brand Wings Life Style brand. The Wings ARC Bluetooth earphone is priced for Rs. 1799 it’s a neckband type earphone that works through Bluetooth V4.2 connectivity wirelessly. Here I reviewed the Wings ARC neckband Bluetooth earphone with pros & cons based on my insights. 

Wings ARC Neckband Earphone Unboxing

After unboxing the Wings ARC neckband bluetooth earphone, it contains the following

  • Wings ARC Neckband Earphone
  • Micro USB port
  • Wings Arc user manual
  • Ear tips
  • Promotional card from Brand

Wings ARC Neckband Earphone Overview

The Wings ARC Bluetooth wireless earphone is based on neckband type, it comes in various colors, Black, Blue, Pink & Red. I have used the Pink color designed earphone, on the first look the design looks good, it fully made of plastic material and used braided wires for connecting the two earbud. The Earphone is neckband type looks like an ARC, there one end equipped with battery powers 135mAH, HD Mic, & Vibration motor at the bottom to get notified while receiving calls. Then on the other end having controls like (+, MFB & -) buttons to manage calls & media controls & keeps the notification light at sides and micro USB port at the bottom for charging the Wings ARC Bluetooth earphone. 

The Earbud are built on metal alloy with matte finish also, includes soft silicone ear hooks for better compatibility on wearing the earbud into the ear. Likewise, it has interchangeable eartips for good fitment based on your ear size. The Earbud is supported with magnetic force at body so you can lock the both earbud during idle time. Similarly, the Wings ARC earphone has a length adjustment buckle on the neckband to adjust the wire size to avoid the entanglement & easiness of wearing the Earphone. Overall on using this earphone, it gives good comfort and the earbud never falls from my ear also, because of neckband type it safer to wear than Bluetooth Earbuds. 

How to Connect & Control the Wings ARC Earphone

The Wings ARC neckband bluetooth earphone is hassle free to connect, just switch ON the earphone by long pressing the center button, which is called MFB (Multi Function Button). After turning ON, pair the earphone by simply tapping on the available bluetooth devices setting page in mobile. Next to know about it controls,

To Turn ON Earphone – Long Press center MFB button during OFF condition. 

To Turn OFF Earphone – Long Press center MFB button during ON condition.

Attend/Disconnect calls – Single tap Center button.

Reject Calls – Long press center button while receiving incomming calls.

Play/Pause Music – Single tap center button on music application.

Increase Volume – Single tap on Plus (+) button.

Decrease Volume – Single tap on Minus (-) button.

To Switch Next Song – Long press + button.

To Switch Previous Song – Long Press – button. 

To Activate Google Assistant – Long Press Center button in normal time during ON condition. 


How it’s Music & Call Quality

In terms of music quality, on hearing music through this earphone, it feels good but going into detail the audio output is flat and the music is not given the smooth finish. Similarly, on a sound optimization feature, it not gives the best when increasing the volume to the maximum level. If you hear music at medium volume means it comfortable to hear music otherwise, it feels something un-comfortable like over loudness on long-term hearing. On bass sounds also, it needs that smooth finish also, it will not output the dedicated bass sounds that means you’ll not feel the bass & tiny background sounds unique. Overall, this earphone good for hearing only for normal users like hearing music for just like that & if you’re more interested in music quality, then this earphone will not make you happy. 

Moving on to its call quality, here Wings ARC neckband earphone performs well, it has HD microphone built on it, that reduce the background noise. Also, on recording voice recording through this, earphone it completely distracts the background noise and delivers the primary sound is louder. So, in terms of call quality, it good to use even in noisy circumstances. 

Wings ARC Battery Consumption

The Wings ARC powers through 135mAH battery capacity and it chargeable through micro USB port. It takes almost 2 hours to complete the full charge on charging through mirco USB cable. Then in terms of battery consumption, it gives me 9 hours of continuous music playback on this Wings ARC Neckband bluetooth earphone. 

Wings ARC Pros & Cons


  • Design is Good, having different colors availability.
  • Earbud Fitment, comfort on wearing is best.
  • Good Battery Backup.
  • Good Microphone support.
  • Best for recording audio using this Wings ARC neckband earphone.
  • Call Quality is good. 
  • Music Quality is Good but not Best. 


  • Music Quality is not best.
  • Connection range is poor.
  • Higher Price.