Wings the most popular company of manufacturing Bluetooth earphones, portable speakers, and Bluetooth earpods. Also, we already reviewed the Wings Arc, Wings Chrome Bluetooth earphones from this brand. In the same vein, the recent launch of Wings Glides Neckband Bluetooth earphones are reviewed and shared my experience in this article.

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The Wings Glide Neckband review results having the first impression in Good design, lite weight, and awesome music. Apart from that, it has an in-built microphone and good call quality. Now let’s find more about the Wings Glide Neckband Bluetooth earphone in detail starting from the What’s inside the box. 

What’s inside the Box

The Wings glide neckband bluetooth earphone review contains the following accessories inside the box, 

  • Wings Glide Neckband earphone.
  • 3-pair Ear tips (1 included in earphone)
  • Micro USB cable.
  • Free Gaana subscription card.
  • User guides & Warranty card.

Wings Glide Earphone Highlights

  • Neckband Earphone
  • Android/iOS support including mobile, tabs & laptops.
  • Neodymium drivers
  • 3-button Media controls (Volume control, next/prev, play/pause, attend/reject calls)
  • Google Assistant/ Apple Siri support.
  • Dimension: 20*16.5*3.1cm, 168gram.
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Micro USB port.
  • Colors: Blue & Black.
  • IPX5 Sweat resistant.
  • In-Built Microphone

Wings Glide Overview

The Wings Glide Bluetooth earphone is based on neckband type it has available in two colors black & white. I reviewed the blue colored earphone it has completely made of plastic & rubber material. The neckband has the two adjusting buckles for adjusting the wire length based on user preference. Then, the earbuds have the support of magnetic lock but it doesn’t have that much magnetic effect force. On the neckband each end equipped with battery & media controls.
On the media controls side located with micro USB port for charging the earphone. After that, coming to the media controls it has 3-button controls so-called (+, center & -). Like Wings Arc Bluetooth earphone the Wings glide has the same features as + button for volume increase, next track on long-press similarly, the – button for volume decrease and previous track. Finally, the center button used to power On/Off the earphone and in addition, to Play/pause, attend/reject call controls is included. Also, it has the support of Google Assistant & Apple Siri by holding the power button for a 3-seconds.

Moving on to the Wings Glide earbuds it has the magnetic lock feature between the two earbuds and the ear tips are made of soft silicone for smooth holding into the ears. Also, 2-pair of ear tips are included in the box after that, both earbuds are indicated with Left & Right earbud usage. The earbuds are made of plastic material and it has an in-built HD microphone also, it has the Wings logo design on the earbuds rear side. 

How’s the Music hearing experience?

Now in terms of its audio quality, the Wings Glide Neckband Bluetooth earphone outputs the awesome sound quality and I experienced the best music hearing experience. It controls the sound even at the higher volume therefore, the vocals are crystal clear. Also, the bass tones are unique even at the vocals playing. The Wings Glide outputs the well-balanced sounds during both vocals & bass playing. So, you’ll feel the bass tones separately while the song playing. Similarly, on talking about the bass tone it has smooth & boom effect like each bass tones are clear, sharp & you’ll feel that beat. 
Apart from the music hearing experience, it has an in-built HD microphone so, it has good call quality & recording the audio via Wings Glide earphone outputs the clear audio. In terms of battery, on a single charge of the device, it gives the almost 5-hours continuous music playback. 


Not working after a day

I have brought the Wings Glide earphone through the Amazon India for the price of Rs. 1,200. After received the Bluetooth earphone I continuously used the earphone for more that 5-hours. After that, on next day while testing its call quality the one side earbuds of Wings Glide earphone has stopped working. 
However, I replaced the earphone on Amazon India but the above experience is actually for only myself. Apart, from this, the Wings Glide neckband Bluetooth earphone is one of the best in this price category. This earphone has the best design, lite weight neckband model, good music hearing experience, sweat-resistant with IPX5 certification. It is compatible with Android, iOS & Windows connectivity.