Wings LifeStyle launched the new Wings Power Pods after the launch of Wings Touch. The Wings Power Pods comes with touch sensor control and in addition, with its features with power bank support on the charging case. Now here we done a Wings Power pods Unboxing & review in this article. So, let us find it’s a specification, features, and how’re the earbuds works… 

Wings Power Pods Highlights

The Wings Power Pods most highlighted features are,

  1. Most Stylish with Charging Indicator display on Charging case.
  2. Earbuds having touch sensor control with LED indicator
  3. Google Assistant Support.
  4. Charging Case has 2500mAH battery
  5. Each Earbuds comes with 50mAH battery.
  6. Frequency rate: 20Hz to 20KHz.
  7. Touch Sensor control: It able to play/pause songs, Previous/Next song switching, Volume Contols option, activate Google Assistant/Apple Siri, & attend/disconnect calls

Wings Power Pods Unboxing

After unboxing the Wings Power Pods contains,

  • Wings Power Pods (Charging Case & pair of Earbud)
  • Micro USB cable.
  • Eartips in three different sizes (One included in earbud)
  • User Guide

Wings Power Pods Overview

The Wings Power Pods is the most stylish Bluetooth earbud that I have ever seen firstly, on the charging case, it comes with a black color variant with a matte finish. It really comfortable to hold and take away and the charging case comes with charging indicator LED like display. It shows the available battery percentage of the charging case. Similarly, the Charging case also acts as a power bank so, you can use this charging case to charge other devices, gadgets, and mobiles. It has micro USB & USB ports at the sides on the charging case. 

Next moving on to the earbuds similarly, it also, comes with black color and it features with touch sensor control. Also, this Wings Power Pods earbuds has unique features of LED ring indicator around the touch sensor that I have ever seen in any earbuds in these price range. Actually, the LED ring indicator glows continuously while playing songs and I really loved this design on the first impression. Likewise, holding on the ears it really gives good comfort however, it’s an in-ear type. Therefore, you can use helmets while driving while using this Wings Power Pods and you’ll never feel the pain in your ear. Similarly, this earbud never left from my ears even when jogging, running or rushing. 

How to use Touch Controls

The Wings Power pods come with touch sensor control on the earbuds, however, the touch sensor is very sensitive. It instantly communicates the command that we have done on touch control also, accessing the touch sensor is hassle-free and it is plentiful responsive. After that, using the touch sensor control you can play/pause a song (single tap on any earbud), attend, disconnect & reject calls (to attend/disconnect single tap & to reject long press on any ear while call receiving). 

Similarly, you can adjust the volume controls right from the earbud by touch holding the touch sensor on the left & right earbud to decrease & increase the volume, respectively. Also, it supported to activate the Google Assistant & Apple Siri from the earbud by tapping 3 times on any one of the earbuds.

How it’s Audio, Call Quality

On hearing music via Wings Power Pods will be more comfortable and it has a sound optimization feature that gives feels you a good crystal clear vocals & midtones for any frequency songs even at any volume. Similarly, on the bass sounds I’ll feel good it has smooth bass and it really enjoyable. However, the bass tones are not too sharp & powerful but still it will be loved by everyone. Overall, it has good audio quality also, you’ll never feel irritating while hearing music via this Wings Power pods even on using long term. Likewise, in terms of call quality, it performs well the audio quality will be clear to the opposite one but during over noisy situation it slightly lacks to communicate with others. 

How it Battery Consumption

In terms of battery you’ll never need to care about this since it has 2500mAH of Charging case and each earbud comes with 50mAH battery. However, on the single full charge of 50mAH earbud will give you an almost 5-hours of continuous music playback. After down of 50mAH earbud charge you can again charge the earbuds through a Charging case and by this, you can do a maximum of 50 times on full charge of the Charging case. Is this interesting Yes! Therefore, this Wings Power pods gives you an awesome battery usage experience. Similarly, the charging case can be used as a power bank to charge other devices like smartwatches, BlueTooth earphones, mobile, and any gadgets support USB port. 

Wings Power Pods Final Verdict

The Wings Power Pods priced for Rs. 4,499 and it sold through Amazon & Myntra. After the Wings Power Pods Review- I really don’t feel any con’s on this earbud, however, some may feel mixed comments on this earbud bass sounds but for mine, it’s not an issue really gives good feel while hearing music. Apart from this, it has the most interesting features like dedicated battery percentage display, battery performance is good, acts as a power bank,  touch sensor control will give you awesome experience similarly, and holding the earbud is well comfortable.