Xiaomi under-display camera technology has been introduced recently shows that camera has hidden behind display. They reached this by using new tech in display. Now the display allows the light to camera sensor using custom display feature. Want to know how it works, let’s find out?

There are great innovation starting from Notch to POP-UP mechanism for achieving All View Display. Recently most of brands introduced POP UP seflie camera for achieving the higher screen resolution like OnePlus 7 Pro, Redmi K20 Pro, Realme X & Vivo V15 Pro etc. Now the devices are easily getting more than 90% screen to body ratio flawlessly. In, addition the brands are gone through next level innovation called Under Display Camera technology by Xiaomi. Which is interesting at the same time, awful to hear. It’s not stop just by hearing recently, Xiaomi has uploaded the first look video of Under display Camera tech innovation.

Xiaomi under display hidden camera

Xiaomi has recently availed the patent for under display camera, but we not expected that they brings these first look video very soon. It has brought the Full screen display without the help of Sliding camera & POP-UP camera design.

How Under Display camera works?

They currently explore this tech by hiding the camera under display. When switching to selfie mode, the display area over camera sensor becomes transparent instantly. Now, the display allows light to camera sensor using the transparent display feature. Also, Xiaomi claims “This could be the Ultimate solution for Full Screen display coexisting with a front camera”.

About Transparent Display?

The transparent display has been housed over the camera sensor part alone was only transfer lights to camera sensor. Xiaomi called this as All-new custom display which features a particular area with transparent display. It will be Quite interesting Know? If you guys also, interested comments below. This has been made by using special low reflective glass with high transmittance. The display switches automatically based on camera mode activation. Which means when the device not in camera mode, the camera works as like normal and allow content to be shown as full view in display.

Then here are the technical standards shared by Xiaomi, the transparent display uses transparent cathode & transparent anode for transmitting light. Instead of normal display uses the actual type of Anode & Cathode in display. 

The brand hidden the 20MP front facing camera under the display with newly designed display embedded camera combo. Also, Xiaomi tells that “The transparent display doubles as the camera lens by allowing more light into the lens”. Which outputs the clear & crisp selfie photos than currently using notch, popup, sliding and dot drop cameras. When the display is turned off, the front camera disappears results in black screen. That means there is no impression of front camera found in display.  

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