Xiaomi, today unveils the Third Generation Under-Display camera smartphone technology. To recap, Xiaomi already released the under-display camera technology in the last year now unveiled with the new improved technology which completely removes the impression of camera mark on display under the camera area. Also, Xiaomi announced that this new technology will soon debut in the upcoming smartphone series and its mass production will kick start from 2021. However, it still unknown what could be the smartphone series model should come with the Under-display camera phone.

Xiaomi Third Generation Under-Display camera phone

Xiaomi implements the new idea in the 3rd generation of under-display camera technology which greatly improves the full-screen effect without any camera impression over the display under the camera area. Xiaomi improved this using the self-developed pixel arrangement and some optimization through camera algorithms. This new method will give you the same quality of photos captured on the normal selfie, punch-holes selfie cameras, etc.

So based on the new self-developed pixel arrangement, the screen will allow passing the light to the camera sensor through the gap area of sub-pixels. Also, each pixel retains the complete RGB sub-pixel layout without giving up the pixel density. Similarly, Xiaomi doubled the number of horizontal & vertical pixels to achieve the same pixel density above the camera display area as on the other display areas. This will show the full-screen viewing experience with the same pixel density throughout the display areas also, with no impression mark of a camera on the display area below the camera sensor placed.

With the help of a new pixel arrangement on the 3rd & final under-display camera technology, Xiaomi equipped a special circuit design to hide more components under the RGB sub-pixel arrangement to further increase the light transmittance on the camera covered display area.

Well, this new 3rd Generation under-display camera technology will be implemented in the upcoming smartphone series. Also, Xiaomi confirms the under-display camera technology mass production will kick starts from 2021. So in the year of 2021, we can expect the under-display camera smartphone from Xiaomi definitely in all regions including India. What your thoughts on this new innovation from Xiaomi, let me know in the comments section below,